Avril Lavigne Joins Forces with LymeLight Foundation

Every year for my birthday, I ask my fans to give back to others in need. This year, I am again raising funds to support a cause that’s very important to me personally: helping people with Lyme Disease – who could not otherwise afford treatment – get the care they need. 

The Avril Lavigne Foundation is again partnering with LymeLight Foundation to raise funds to provide treatment grants to children with Lyme disease. Only a small percent of people get the early diagnosis and treatment that is so important in fighting the disease. Most insurance companies do not cover the treatment of chronic Lyme disease. Families are often left on their own to battle the disease often incurring enormous medical debt. LymeLight Foundation's mission is to provide grants to enable eligible children and young adults with Lyme disease to receive proper treatment and medication as well as raising awareness about Lyme disease. 

My goal is to raise $50,000 to help more children receive proper treatment and medications in their fight against Lyme disease.

Every donation is significant and goes directly to these children unable to lead a normal life due to their suffering with Lyme disease. My birthday wish, with the support of my fans, is for hope and healing to these families.


Regrettably, the residents of certain countries will be unable to enter the Promotion for a variety of reasons, which include local sweepstakes laws and compliance legislation. These countries/provinces are Burma/Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Quebec, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, Yemen and all African nations with the exception of South Africa. Other countries are void where prohibited.

Funds raised: $50,149 Goal: $50,000

Since 2011, LymeLight Foundation has awarded grants totaling over $1.9M to 360 individuals in 41 states across the United States.


Thank you donors
Anonymous : $5,000
Pavel Sidorenko : $1
With the warmth of spring legs peace keeping The gifts of the nature of their movements Inside rays in tranquility lay a pillow under knees self-knowledge biever trees. I love you. Stay free.
Maria Rosvall : $10
Pavel Sidorenko : $1
You can just shall be wrung out Cracked his little about you I know BrAZ campaign I sleep in the forgotten corners of their You could even say good New way to start the mud
Pavel Sidorenko : $1
Hey Love you so much)))Stay at Conscience Again? Pate AHAHAH
Can we do this together?
Agostino Scafidi : $10
I'm a big fan of Avril and I am happy to donate to a cause that she believes in.
Sebastian Nyberg : $100
Happy Birthday Avril!!! Thanks for supporting a great cause and helping the battle against one of the autoimmune diseases. You are a true inspiration worth of admiring. Love from Sweden! ???
Himiyo Yanagida : $10
Happy Happy Birthday Avril!! Wishing you all the best and love!! Your smile makes me smile!! A lot of love Himiyo @Hot_Mobile
Mauro Nunes Tavares : $1,000
L importance de cette campagne est non seulement guérit ceux qui ont Lyme , mais attirer l attention des symptômes qu une personne peut avoir pour détecter la maladie de Lyme. We love you avril 4 ever
Yukiko Shima : $50
How are you, Avril!!!!!! I really admire you!! I hope children who get sick will be better.
Kim Hatchard : $10
Doyle O'Hair : $50
Sara Duitmann : $10
prabhath hettiarachchi : $10
carry on good work
Ella Itzhaki : $10
Happy birthday! Thank you for all your help
Anonymous : $30,000
Supporting the Avril Lavigne Foundation and LymeLight Foundation to help kids fight Lyme Disease!
Shirley Dolter : $100
Thank you for being such a shining example!! ??
Aline Grata : $40
Terry Mayfield : $25
Momoko Sugita : $25
Happy Birthday Avril. I'm so proud of u.
David Richards : $40
Hope I'm not too late to get a signed photo. In any case happy Birthday and I hope you raise a lot of money for lyme disease
Michael Pruente Jr. : $100
Happy Birthday!!
Chuck Rock : $25
Avril Rocks!
donald croushore : $25
thanks Av for all you have done and do ..love ya baby girls
Yui Sendoda : $75
Happy Bithday Avril :) Hope to see u again in Japan or Canada! Xo
Sarah Gumprich : $10
Happy Birthday from Germany Avril
Eduardo Assis : $2
Cherise Fleshman : $25
I came back to donate again, I can do 25 more. Love you Avril! :D
Steven Hanratty : $25
Thank you Avril Lavigne for just being here and helping other people in need really respect you for that love you always
Shalee Leonard : $75
Appreciate everything you do for great causes <3
Jason Raj : $75
Francesca Giovanna Tagliente : $7
You are a great person, Avril. Happy to help out a bit! :) Love ya, girl!
Guilherme Hipolito : $50
I am really happy that I can help in some way! Congrats for have such a beautiful soul! A lots of love! PS: Praying to be the winner of the signed cds! haha <3
Andrew LaGesse : $50
Keep doing good work Avril! Lyme is a beating and needs to be destroyed.
Craig Charrett : $500
Love the annual birthday fundraiser! Thank you A-L Foundation for supporting another great charity helping kids.
Doane Dibe : $10
Francesca Polini : $25
Happy Birthday Avril! Giving back ROCKS :)
Hiroki Suwa : $100
Happy Birthday Avril! I'm always think about you! Please comeback to Japan again! Thanks alot!
Tamarra Howard : $10
Donating to help the people in need ??
Avrilish JP : $100
Happy belated Birthday Avril! We always support you. xo
Michael Curd : $50
So proud of you Avril! I'm thrilled to be able to help support this cause, and hope you visit Australia to tour soon!
Furukawa Tsutomu : $50
Thank you,Avril.I love you.
Rusty Morris : $10
Zackary Morris donating his $10 allowance for the cause!
Giulia Rubini : $25
I'm Giulia, I'm 20 and I've always helped other people. I love Avril since I was little and I learn from her that this is a terrible deases so I hope I can help someone now with my donation.
Lovisa Åkerman : $10
Alessandra Ceccato : $25
Always happy to help Avril and The Avril Lavigne Foundation! together we can do it! <3
Brian Maddaford : $50
Happy Birthday Avril! - Brian Maddaford
Albert Vega Ortiz : $25
Another donation. I'm so proud of my favourite singer! Thanks for all Avril Lavigne! Big hugs! Kisses from your spanish fan! ;-)
Hiroyo Masuda : $10
Thank you always for everything:) I love you <3 xo
Lesley James : $25
Hope it helps ??????
chiara magni : $75
hy avril, hope u can raise enought money to help people witj lyme. u such a great person . ps love can't wait to see u again in italy
Moeko Hayashi : $10
Alpha Bermas : $10
.happy birthday Avril ^_^ .keep on inspiring us with your one of a kind music. .lovelots <3
Yui Sendoda : $100
Happy Birthday Avril :) Your songs always gives me power. We're so proud of you. Hope you'll get healthy 100%
Nobuki Ogita : $100
Happy Birthday, Avril! I'm always looking forward to your charity. It gives me this feeling that I'm good for somebody. Thank you! And many thanks to the patients. Hope you all get well.
Sara Rossi : $10
Happy Birthday Avril! i'm so proud of you and i'm happy to be a part of this amazing campaign <3
Jennifer Rodriguez : $50
Our son, Adam, has suffered the effects of chronic Lyme Disease since the 5th grade - he is now in 10th grade. Just spent $340 on uncovered meds.The battle is real! Thank you for bringing awareness!!
Cloud Smith : $10
Lino Levi : $10
Francesca Polini : $10
Happy Birthday Avril :)
Brett Anderson : $100
Masahiro Uesugi : $50
Happy birthday, Kawaii Avril! Hope you have an amazing year ahead!
Paige Andersen : $100
Happy Birthday to my favorite singer of all time! You rock, Avril! :)
Shayne Rickards : $25
Happy Birthday Avril, even though it's late :D hope you get your wish and I hope this helps. You are anything but ordinary, I love you <3 Shayne xo
Momoko Sugita : $75
Love you Avril!!! From MoMo
Momoko Sugita : $100
Happy Happy Birthday our Rock Queen Avril!!! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!! I'm so proud of you. Love U abbey! From MoMo
Qian Ling Yap : $25
Andrew Hunt : $500
Happy Birthday Avril! I've been a huge of yours since day one. Keep up the great work. I do hope you have a UK gig soon? Big hugs Andy xx
Jerwilyn Ramirez : $10
Hiroyo Masuda : $50
Happy Birthday Avril!! I hope that I can support you through this donates :) xo
Lana Yankovich : $18
Subodha Algama : $75
Happy Birthday Avril!! You are really inspirational!
Yana Pescia : $100
Happy Birthday Avril! I'm very happy to help ??
Maik Winkelmann : $100
I wish I could give more because that is a good thing
Jason Baran : $10
Okay, $10 more because I love Avril so much. But that's really all I can afford. I wish I could give the $100!
Maritza Rubio : $10
Happy Birthday Avril!!! I'm happy I can help donate. Keep fighting and don't give up. Much LOVE 2 everyone. ??
Maria Dolores Bordner : $50
Happy Birthday Avril!!! I love you always. Thank you for your kindness. God bless you and all these people.
Mark Harrison : $10
Happy Birthday Avril...! 32 times around the sun, hope you're enjoying the ride...!!! Love you with all my heart babe... Xo
Flemming Pedersen : $10
Jason Baran : $10
Avril, I'm willing to help in any way I can!
Avril i will always be your little blackstar! i've love you for seven years!
Jonathan Kevin Thompson : $10
Happy birthday Avril!! You make me happy, Thanks for all Come to Argentina!! I hope that you feel very well, I send you a hug and a big kiss :)
Alex O'Keeffe : $10
I'm gonna donate 10 euro cause honestly as a student it's all I can afford to give. Well I can't actually afford to give any but I wanna help these children :( Happy Birthday Avril. I hope this helps
David Candido : $10
Happy belated birthday Avril!
Michael Morrow : $100
Happy Birthday Avril!
Jenny Herrmann : $75
Happy Birthday afterwards, my queen! Stay healthy!! <3
Greg Aziz : $50
Murphy Tracy : $25
Andrea DeFrancesco : $10
Herbert Blumberg : $10
Erika Land : $25
Danielle Anderson : $50
chris puntney : $75
Happy Birthday Avril! Hope you reach your goal of 50k.
Kyoko Saito : $100
Phyllis Bedford : $500
Happy Birthday and Thank you Avril for all you do for the Lyme community and LymeLight Foundation. YOU ROCK!
Phyllis Bedford : $500
Happy Birthday and Thank you Avril for all you do for the Lyme community and LymeLight Foundation. YOU ROCK!
Joelle Fanciullo : $5
carl littlejohns : $5
Avril gives such pleasure, pleased to give a teeny bit back.
Eduvan Martinez galeano : $10
Me siento muy feliz de poder ayudar con esta linda causa feliz cumpleaños avril lavigne
MaríaPaz Opazo : $50
Happy B-Day my crazy bitch!!! It is an honor to help people through you. Love you with my soul!!
Avrilish JP : $10
Happy Birthday Avril! We hope your birthday wish come true. Always support you xo
Amanda Rubensson : $10
Hope we can grant ur wish. / AvrilSweden at Twitter
Katie Rowan : $25
Hiromi Fukuyama : $10
Have a sweet year!
Amairani Garcia : $10
Laura Weitzner : $25
Happy Healthy Birthday Avril! My family & I have loved your music since 2002 & it has brought us so much joy, love & comfort. I think you are amazing to do this birthday project every year.
Sigrid Aschelund : $100
Happy Birthday Rock "N" Roll princess Love you so, so much. I hope you have an amazing day and that you're gonna reach your goal????
Sara De Risi : $10
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE PRINCESS!!! <3 You're my idol since 2002, when I was only 10 years!! ;D I hope that you are ok now with your lyme disease,I am here for the donation! Stay strong always!!!:*
steve upshall : $50
Happy birthday Avril
steve upshall : $10
Happy birthday Avril
steve upshall : $100
Happy birthday Avril
Jean Frasiak : $10
Happy Birthday Avril have a nice day !! take care xoxoxo
Jason Lafferty : $100
I love Avril more than anything in the world and donate every year for her birthday and will continue every year
Jason Lafferty : $50
Jil Weyland : $75
Because we were all meant to fly! Thank you Avril for being the kindest person on earth. I love you since day one <3
Otávio Rodrigues Mendes : $50
Já doei uma vez e gostaria de doar novamente! precisamos disso para crescermos e nos tornarmos mais humanos.
Kelcy Sherbank : $100
Caroline Downing : $10
I still suffer from the effects of Lymes after getting it 12 years ago. Thanks Avril for spreading awareness!
John Mo : $25
I pray for every child recovery
Jan Dudák : $50
John Gye : $100
Always support the kids, here's $100 for them
Norman Wright : $100
Kaitlyn Miller : $25
Minh Phan : $100
Marissa Cassella : $10
Happy birthday, Avril! Thank you for supporting us Lymies! Keep fighting the good fight and wishing you a year ahead filled with good health and happiness! -A Fellow Lymie ??
Merrick Rogers : $100
I wish I could donate so much more. I'm so sorry that this is all I have to give, but I hope it helps someone less fortunate than me. ??
Happy birthday avril and keep on Rocking Out For The Greater good.
Tina Rogers : $100
Keep R.O.C.K.I.N.G! Love ya!
Erin Perlman : $100
Happy Birthday and thank you for all that you do to educate and create awareness about Lyme disease... from a fellow Lymie!
Brian simmons : $100
Donated last year and just want to say thanks for my T-shirt Everyone should donate what ever they can! As it is still a very misunderstood & misdiagnosed disease which can be life-wrecking
Anton Bogdanov : $25
Marc Hennemann : $75
Why d'you go and make this so complicated ? xoxo kiss cool ! M.H.
Happy birthday, Avril! xoxo
Chise Udagawa : $25
Happy birthday Avril! I'm so proud of you and it's an honor to join this project. I hope all your wishes come true!
S Lavigne : $10
Lutz Steinle : $75
Himiyo Yanagida : $25
Happy Birthday Avril!! I'm so proud of you!! Thank you for this great opportunity to help people suffered from lyme disease. Love you. Himiyo
Pavel Antropov : $10
Nick Pierog : $100
I am very happy and proud to be part something so important. I love Avril and support everything this foundation does and stands for!
Aulyana Hippert : $10
I'm proud of you because you help other people <3 Happy bday,hope you're happy, love from Italy and thanks to my dad to donate to your fondation. P.s: when will your new album come out? Paola
Deborah Cabrera : $500
For a great cause sponsored by a very loving young lady!
Dimitry Reznikov : $25
Hello there!
Thunyaphat Bunsirimaneechok : $50
Hi, i always do what Avril do, miss you PS. support all your project. xxx
bryan denman : $50
keep up the good work avril, happy to help
Allen Holtom : $25
I have a friend that suffers from Lyme disease, it's a horrible! your all amazing individuals involved in the limelight foundation. Thank you
Ettore Carretta : $100
One of best ideas created by you Avril.....good work girl, this is my part for help their. kiss
thank you so much, I'm very happy for this donation..
Samuel Da Silva : $10
Hello, I feel very happy to help Lymelight Foundation in this beautiful work that is helping children against Lyme disease. I hope that this symbolic donation can help you. Thank you so much!!!
Christina Roussakis : $10
Avril! This is a great thing you're doing. I'm so honored to help those with Lyme Disease who can't afford the treatment. Best wishes on reaching your goal!
Yoyo Wu : $10
Claudia Thien : $10
Happy Birthday Avri!! Wishing you a beautiful day and good health and happiness always!! <3
Shan Yunhong : $10
I LOVE U MY QUEEN! ?????? A truly meaningful cause to support! ????????????Little black stars are here to support you??
Erin Deakin : $10
Wayne Wong : $10
Cuz Lyme sucks
Eric Yi Duan : $75
You are so cute, Avril Lavigne! I am your crazy fans. My name is Eric Yi Duan, a student in Langstaff Secondary School, grade 11. I lived in Richmond Hill, ON. I really hope I can see u in my life!!!!
Amy Holder : $25
Happy Birthday Avril! I've always been a massive fan and thanks to Avril speaking out I found out I have Lyme disease myself. A truly awful worldwide silent epidemic! Wish I could give more Xx
sean hodge : $500
Matthew Renaud : $10
My 3rd time supporting Avril's birthday campaign. :)
Ernest Tresham : $75
Melissa Johnson : $10
HAPPY BDAY Wifey! Just turned 32 myself, haven't spoke to you since the Bonez tour, so IOU 13 Bday shots YTD ;-)
Jeff Stacey : $10
Happy Birthday Avril! I am very happy to donate to you again,last year I donated 50 but I could only manage 10 this year due to money problem love from Canada xo Bridget
chris carter : $50
This foundation is so amazing and is going to help people forever. This lyme is going to be overtaken. Happy early Birthday Avril!! Lyme Light foundation is excellent. Love you forever!!!
Sara Fife : $10
Happy Birthday, Avril! ??
Mauro Nunes Tavares : $1,000
Avril, only the love can save the world .You was born to became the world better! We love you! S2
Teruyuki Wada : $75
Happy Birthday Avril ;) Always love you!
Cherie Hung : $1
Karen Skjæveland Paulsen : $25
Cherise Fleshman : $100
I'm totally honored to be donating to the Avril Lavigne foundation in this great cause to fight Lyme. Avril you have given me so much and I want to give back. Blessings<3
Chris Fields-Johnson : $1,000
Happy Birthday Avril! Thank you for fourteen years of awesome music, for taking on this devastating disease which has affected many of my friends and I, and for being such a strong survivor! So proud!
Markéta Vocásková : $10
I love you the way you are Avril, lets make someone happy!
Mihaly Szalkai : $100
Love you Avril. Mike
David Ernce : $50
Excellent fundraising idea for a great need. Slick site too.
Willan Hirunyashthiti : $3
As a die-hard fan of Avril Lavigne. This may seem very very little from me. But all my heart and kindness go through to all the people in need.
Stefania Bortolozzo : $25
Bonnie Crater : $100
Go LymeLight!
Mary Anne Payne : $100
Syam Buradagunta : $1
Kristian Attfield : $100
Happy Birthday Avril --- I decided to donate again. I wish you well, I appreciate so much you have done. Can't think of more to say, besides the obvious desire to be friends, yet me being2 introverted
James Lawrence : $50
Pleased to help once again and join a very worthy cause.
Jennifer Rose : $500
Thank you so much in helping people in so many ways, whether it's with your music or your activism! I have a friend named Amy who had lyme several years ago, so this is a dear cause for me.
Diane Halvorsen : $50
Steve G : $100
Avril : Best of luck! Lymelight: ...You need an INTERNATIONAL donor form...
Jac Koudele : $25
Mauro Nunes Tavares : $500
Avril , you ever were my support to hold my heart so cool.Kisses
Zhaoyi Liu : $50
Kasatkin Alexei : $50
David Huizhao Qu : $168
Have a wonderful birthday Avril.
Peter Principi : $50
Happy birthday Avril! Keep up the good fight! Much love xxx
Kristian Attfield : $10
Maybe include canadian provinces (besides quebec) in "State" on form. Also: Avril, I'm very limited in what I can provide this month, because I'm trying to force myself out of debt. Good luck.
Diane Halvorsen : $50
Alexi McCullough : $100
This is a great cause supported by a amazing person. Happy Birthday and I hope the goal will be reached and surpassed. Will always support anything you do Arvil. I'm not from America so state is wrong
Gina Endicott : $25
Don't give up! XO
Elisa Pagati : $25
Together we can make the difference! X from Italy
Jessica Fedeli : $10
happy birthday Avril! I can't donate much but each year I give what I can, I hope this small amount will help too... a big hug from Italy!
Clara Campos : $10
Nancy Rollett : $250
Happy Birthday, Avril!! Thank you for all you do. You ROCK giving back to others!
Rusty Morris : $10
Zackary and the Morris family will always support the Avril Lavigne Foundation! Thank you for all that you do to champion for special needs children and great causes! Best of luck and Happy Birthday!
Anonymous : $1
Happy to help support these kids!
Elizabeht Rieke : $1
Happy birthday, Avril! So grateful for all you do.
Anonymous : $1
Giving back ROCKS!
Anonymous : $2
I'm with you!
Anonymous : $2
Many happy birthday wishes to a true rock star!
Anonymous : $10
I got 10 on it! Hello Kitty prize, here I come!
Anonymous : $1
Hooray for birthday giving!
Syam Buradagunta
Happy birthday!
Syam Buradagunta : $10
Great to be part of this wonderful cause. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Let's celebrate! Happy birthday, Avril!
Anonymous : $1
Thank you, Avril!
Anonymous : $2
Keep holding on!
J Crew : $1
Happy birthday, Avril! xoxo
Liz Rieke : $2
Thank you
Anonymous : $10
Love and all dreams becoming true, Avril!
Lisa Araj : $1
Cherie Hung : $1
Go Avril!
Anonymous : $2
Happy birthday, Avril!
cherie hung : $1
Go Avril!
Happy birthday!
Anonymous : $1
Hope this campaign goes far for these kids who are suffering. Happy birthday!
Anonymous : $3
Happy birthday
Anonymous : $1
Best birthday wishes!

The Prizes

All donors donating $10 or more will be entered into drawings to win cool prizes. Top prize at the GIVING BACK R.O.C.K.S level ($100) is a pair of Avril’s shoes, a R.O.C.K.S T-shirt, a Hoodie, AND a mystery item of clothing!

 HELLO KITTY – Donations at $10 will be entered into a drawing to win a R.O.C.K.S T-shirt. There will be 10 R.O.C.K.S T-shirt drawings so 10 chances to win this prize.

– Donations at $25 will be entered into a drawing to win a R.O.C.K.S Hoodie. There will be 5 R.O.C.K.S Hoodie drawings so 5 chances to win this prize.

I’M WITH YOU – Donations at $50 will be entered into a drawing to win a Signed Discography. There will be 1 drawing at this level.

 COMPLICATED – Donations at $75 will be entered into a drawing to win a Signed & Personalized 8x10 Photo plus a R.O.C.K.S T-shirt. There will be 1 drawing at this level.

 GIVING BACK R.O.C.K.S – Donations at $100 will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of Avril’s shoes, a R.O.C.K.S T-shirt, Hoodie, and a mystery item of clothing. There will be 1 drawing at this level. 

KEEP HOLDING ON – Donations at $500 or more will be entered SIX times into the GIVING BACK R.O.C.K.S drawing for a chance to win a pair of Avril’s shoes, a R.O.C.K.S T-shirt, Hoodie, and a mystery item of clothing. 

Avril Lavigne’s birthday campaign will be open for donations until October 7, 2016. Winners will be determined from all eligible entries received during random drawings conducted by LymeLight Foundation. Winners will be notified by email by November 1, 2016. LymeLight Foundation will fulfill prizes by December 1, 2016.